dinsdag 13 april 2010

A fan video

You must be getting sick and tired of Into the Wild by now thanks to me, but hey, i'm still not :)
I'm still listening to the music, still watching certain parts of the movie or reading a quote from the book, and i wanted to do a new video project because it's been a very long time since i've done anything in that area.
If you'd look on my Youtube account you'd see about 70 game video's, 2 sports videos of obstacle tracks, and a trailer for Into the Wild.
And now my latest addition: a fanvideo of Into the Wild. :)

Know beforehand though that i am no video editing expert, and i've spent quite a few hours gathering bits and pieces from the movie, and more to piece them back together again in a, hopefully, logical way that's fun to watch.
Let me know what you think, ok? Oh, and don't forget to give it the thumbs up if you like it ofcourse! :)

Into the Wild - A fanmovie by SiC from Anne Luchtenveld on Vimeo.

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