donderdag 18 maart 2010

Places I'd like to visit some day, pt.1

This is my third post and by now it should be clear to most of you that have read my blog, that I would love to trek around the world by backpack.
And while doing so, I'd love some places that speak to the adventurous spirit within me. To visit some of the world's wonders, either created by nature or man.
I want to experience the world and all it has to offer, and I fear that settling down too much, and especially on such a young age will destroy my soul...
I'd wither away with my mind 'on pause' and before I'd realise it my life would be over without ever doing anything.
I'd get more responsibilities and in time I would be no longer able to detach myself from them.

The first place I'd like to talk about is something I've seen in the move 'Into the Wild'.
Yes, I know Í must be repeating myself by now because this is the third post and the third time I mention it.
However, this one has nothing to do with the movie, but with a specific location in one of the scenes which spoke to me.
What am I talking about? Well, about Salvation Mountain :)

Salvation Mountain is a project by Leonard Knight, born in 1931, and is located in the lower desert of Southern California.
Leonard never believed in God, but one day found the faith and since then he had a dream: to make a giant air balloon that said 'God is Love'.
However, after years of trying and failing to make a balloon that would remain airborne, he had to admit defeat.
As a last statement, he painted a picture on a nearby hill.

But what once started as a picture painted on an adobe hill has turned into a giant project (by now Salvation Mountain is 150 foot wide and 50 foot high!) with just one message: God is real and he loves us all.
Now personally I don't really believe in God, but I find it inspiring to see that this man's believe is so strong that he moved into the desert and didnt make it just his hobby to work on Salvation Mountain, but his life.
He lives out of a truck he parks near Salvation Mountain, and by now quite often receives visitors that have heard about his creation.
But more importantly, Salvation Mountain speaks of dedication and love. Love for one another and love for the world, and dedication to spread that love.
Those are two virtues I hold very high, and I respect Leonard for what he has accomplished.
Some people would consider him a wacko because he doesn't have a real house, lives in the desert and dedicates his life to painting a hill. One could say he isn't making anything of his life, if you consider the society standard.
But to me, this is living.

But it is not just paint alone.
In Salvation Mountain Leonard Knight used all he could find nearby, from deer antlers to car doors, and incorporated it into his masterpiece.
It's not something you can make sense out of, but it sure does look pretty, and to me this definitely counts as one of the worlds wonders.
It's unique, and really something special.

And now for all of you to see, the master himself at Salvation Mountain:

If you want to read more, and see more, of Salvation Mountain, you can read a history and a biography here at the offical Salvation Mountain website:
Salvation Mountain website

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