zaterdag 23 januari 2010


So this is my first post, and i'm quite new to blogging in general.
I don't really like to type huge stories regulary, so I won't post something new every day and about everyday stuff like some people do.

So, my first blog ever will be about something i believe in very much.
I believe in individualism.
Individualism, in my eyes, is something not regularly seen in society.
I could say i'm quite the weird character if you would try to put me in a social group.
I feel i don't quite fit in anywhere.
I am an alternative guy at heart, which is something weird in the social group i am in right now.
I follow a sports education, and all the 'sportsjockeys' are pretty much all the same. They love the same kind of music, they go to nightclubs and in general are very extrovert.
I'm more of an introvert person, I love metal and because of that don't go out quite as much, and that doesnt fit in with them.
Most alternative people however hate sports, so i don't quite fit in with them either.
In comparison to them i'm much more active, and if you'd see me walking around you wouldnt say i'm a metalhead per se.

The biggest problem though is in my opinion society, and it's inflexibility.
Society expects you to be a certain way, to act a certain way, and if you do not meet their expectations you are basically outcast.
You won't get the job you'd want and it'll be given to someone 'generic'.
If you are a hippie and live out in the Desert you are considered weird.
If you don't work straight out of college, you are weird too.
You are expected to slave away right from the start, untill you're around 60.
And if you are lucky, you get to see some of the world, but most people aren't that rich even after working their entire life and are 'stuck' or too 'attached' to their little world.

To be perfectly honest, i think this current society is sick.
It's not flexible enough so not all people get who they want to be.
"I have to this, and i have to be like that!" But i don't have to do or be anything!
I am who i am, and that will never change because i believe in who i am.
I believe in the individual. I love 'weird people', who stray from the norm, of society's expectations telling them who or what to be.
People look down on a man building a dome from scrap metal in the desert calling it 'the Temple of Love', but i think he lives life most of all.
He is who he is and he does what he believes in: building a testimony to the love God has for everyone. Building proof that God loves all in the world.
Meeting such a man is an honour i can only hope to receive.
I know all the rules, but the rules do not know me.

There is a man who i absolutely admire, and his name is Christopher McCandless, also known by the nickname Alexander Supertramp which he gave himself.
Chris did not believe in the modern society and decided to leave it.
After giving all his money to a good cause (around 24 thousand dollars), he decided to hike through America to reach Alaska and survive in the Wild.
While most people would consider their lifes to be over when they have no money, Christopher believed being released of all his money to be a new life.
He walked around for over 2 years, every now and then picking up a job to get some money (as much as you'd like to, you can't go completely without it if you still travel through towns because it's the only official currency accepted by most people) and in the end he arrived in untamed Alaska.
He found an abandoned bus in lived in it for months at end, calling it the 'days of the Magic Bus'.
He was out there all alone and by himself, where he could organise his thoughts on his life and his place in society.
He wasn't all genius though, while proving his point with giving away all his money and earthly possessions, he also thought a map of the area was an unacceptable luxury.
A misstake that in the end would cost him his life.

As an introvert myself, i dream his dream.
The thing i would love most is to work for a while to gather up money to travel the world, and explore it.
To experience all the world and it's wonders and hopefully meet some fantastic people like Christopher did who live their lifes outside of society.
I would hate to be stuck in place forever in a world that doesnt think like i think.
Most of all i would love to walk around and also get some quiet time for myself, away from everything and everyone, without obligations.
To live for myself before i start living for someone else, and come at terms with myself and my place in society.
To live life to it's fullest and in it's true meaning: doing what makes you happy, and not just conform to the norm of what everybody else expects you to be.
I wouldnt go completely Alexander Supertramp though, i'd afford myself at least some luxury items (where would i be today without music?) :)

I'd like to conclude this first post with a song that inspires me to take on my dreams.
It's a song written as part of a soundtrack to the movie 'Into the Wild', which is based on Christopher McCandless's diary notes.
It's an amazing journey, and after seeing it i hope more people understand the way i feel inside :)

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  1. I have got the soundtrack for the film too. I took it with me when I went traveling.

    Best of luck !